Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I copyright or trademark my purchased items?

No! You may NOT copyright or trademark any of the items (icons, clip art) you purchased as the artist will always retain the copyrights and other customers will continue to purchase the same image. You do get the right to use your purchased image(s) as many times as you need though, as long as you don’t violate the terms of the License.

Can I buy any of the images (icons, clip art) exclusively so no one else can use it?

No! CihanDemirok.com does not currently offer exclusive solutions. All the content is available non-exclusively, so CihanDemirok.com can provide an affordable option to customers around the world.

Can you customize an image (clip-art, icon) for me?

Yes! Please get in touch for customization help.

Can you create an exclusive image or icon set for me?

Yes! Please visit "Custom" tab for more info.

Is it possible to use the images for free if it’s for non-commercial purposes?

No! Under no circumstances can the images be used for free. Not even the watermarked versions. CihanDemirok.com will not hesitate to take legal action in any type of copyright infringement.

Can I make changes to the image?

Yes. Feel free to make necessary changes after your purchase. Please keep in mind that you can not claim copyright on altered versions, just like you can not do that for the originals as the artist always retains the copyright.

Can I use the images on iPhone and/or Android apps etc.?
Yes. But you will need to get an Extended License for such uses.

Can I use the images on website templates?

No! Our license does not currently permit such uses. Distributing images by using them on your templates is prohibited. Please contact CihanDemirok if you have questions regarding this issue.

Please read our “License” and “Terms and Conditions” pages for further information. If you have additional questions on how you can use CihanDemirok content, feel free to send a message via contact page.



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